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Smooth, seamless, and smart website migration solutions tailored for your business. Embrace growth and change efficiently, with AUQ by your side.

Navigating the crucial transition of website migration can be intimidating. But with AUQ, fear turns into confidence. We bring to the table a seamless blend of technical prowess, in-depth SEO understanding, and meticulous planning to ensure your website migration amplifies your digital presence, rather than hinder it.

Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated not just to the preservation, but the enhancement of your site’s SEO rankings, user experience, and overall functionality throughout the migration.

We consider the smallest details, be it maintaining URL structures or tackling 404 errors, and manage the bigger picture of ensuring optimal site speed and secure transition for your website.

Every step is executed with precision, reinforced by proactive testing, data-backed strategies, and persistent tracking to ensure success. So why wait? Make your move with AUQ and experience a website migration as smooth as it can get.

Web Development for an Investment Management Firm

"AUQ’s biggest strengths were their agility and solution-oriented approach."

- Director Of Communications, Investment Management Firm

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.5
Cost 5.0

Website Redesign & SEO for a Pet Odor Products Manufacturer

"Their service was outstanding, and it didn't stop after they completed our website."

- Director of Operations, Odors Away LLC

Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 5.0

Website Development & Maintenance for a Design Company

"They’re great at explaining the technology and suggesting solutions that can save time and money."

- Founder & Design Director, Tsang Seymour LLC

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.0
Cost 5.0

Web Design & Development for a Nonprofit Organization

"I’m impressed by their openness to listen — they want to make sure we’re happy with the results."

- Executive, Nonprofit Organization

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.0
Cost 5.0

SEO & WordPress Web Development Services for an E-Commerce Company

"After seeing so many difficult site launches, I’m blown away by how smooth their process is."

- CEO, A Digital Agency

Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 4.5

Web Development & SEO Work for Casino Company

"AUQ’s project management has been excellent."

- COO, Casino M8trix

Quality 4.5
Schedule 5.0
Cost 4.5

Website Redesign & SEO Strategy for Food & Beverage Co

"Their SEO research and ability to break it down to us were impressive."


Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.5
Cost 5.0

Website Migration Services

CMS Transition

CMS Transition

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Whether you’re upgrading to a more robust Content Management System or switching platforms, we ensure your posts, pages, meta tags, and other elements …

Whether you’re upgrading to a more robust Content Management System or switching platforms, we ensure your posts, pages, meta tags, and other elements migrate properly so your content remains intact and continues to drive SEO.

Data Migration

Data Migration

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One of the core aspects of website migration is the safe and secure transfer of your valuable data. Our team of experts ensures …

One of the core aspects of website migration is the safe and secure transfer of your valuable data. Our team of experts ensures that all your vital data, including the customer database, products, blog posts, and more, are migrated perfectly without any loss. Our robust backup practices ensure extra safety for your data.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Website migration presents an ideal opportunity to optimize your website’s performance. Our team focuses on various essential elements like site speed, mobile responsiveness, …

Website migration presents an ideal opportunity to optimize your website’s performance. Our team focuses on various essential elements like site speed, mobile responsiveness, and security during migration, ensuring that your new site not only matches but outperforms the old one.

Post-Migration Support

Post-Migration Support

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After migration, we continue our support by diligently monitoring your site for any potential errors and adjusting strategies as necessary to ensure optimal …

After migration, we continue our support by diligently monitoring your site for any potential errors and adjusting strategies as necessary to ensure optimal site performance. This includes tracking 404 errors, broken links, and site speed, amongst other important aspects.

Move onward and upward with our expert website migration services. Connect with us!

SEO & E-comm

Penalty Recovery

AUQ redesigned and optimized an e-commerce company’s website for yaasa.com – an ergonomic furniture company in Santa Barbara. The team has also helped the firm with their SEO strategy. They’ve designed and developed their website using WordPress, Figma, and WooCommerce.

Design, Development & Content for SEO

+ 200 % Organic Traffic

AUQ worked with the Armormax.com team to increase organic traffic & organic conversions generated by the website by focusing on 3 things:

  • National content strategy
  • Design & development of new, searchable features
  • Regular technical SEO audits

B2B SaaS Content Strategy + Linkbuilding

+200% Traffic in 6 Months

Our client is a tech stack SaaS that specializes in document storage solutions for businesses with strong HIPPA requirements.

  • Brand new domain
  • Dominant competitors
  • Ramp – up SEO

Time Sensitive Success

We helped a small business lender rank quickly for competitive and time-sensitive covid related keywords. Learn how we got Funding Circle ranked for PPP related terms quickly and helped them drive applications.


Our Approach to Website Migration

#1#1 Initial Consultation

#2#1 Initial Consultation

First, we carry out a comprehensive consultation to understand your website migration goals, needs, and concerns. This enables us to identify the challenges specific to your project and helps us develop a migration plan tailored to your website’s unique requirements.

#2#2 SEO and Data Backup

#3#2 SEO and Data Backup

Our SEO team performs a thorough analysis of your website to preserve your existing search engine rankings. We secure backups of important data such as website content, customer databases, and product listings to ensure a seamless transfer during the migration process.

#3#3 Platform and Theme Transition

#4#3 Platform and Theme Transition

Depending on the specific migration, we may need to transition between CMS platforms or themes. Our team of experts ensures a seamless migration, retaining your website’s aesthetic and functionality while also enhancing its performance and responsiveness across multiple devices.

#4#4 Data Migration and Security

#5#4 Data Migration and Security

We safely transfer your valuable data, including customer databases, products, blog posts, and more, while ensuring a secure migration that adheres to data protection standards. Our robust backup practices add an extra layer of safety for your data.

#5#5 Testing and Optimization

#6#5 Testing and Optimization

Once the migration is complete, our team diligently tests your new site, assessing its performance, mobile optimization, and user experience. We address any issues and optimize your website for speed, security, and efficiency.

#6#6 Post-Migration Support

#7#6 Post-Migration Support

Our commitment to your website’s success extends beyond the migration process. We provide ongoing monitoring and support, tracking key metrics, and refining our strategies as needed to maintain and improve site performance, and drive long-term success.

Partner with Migration Specialists

We pride ourselves on mastering the nuances of website migration & SEO. Trust us to ensure a smooth transition for your online presence.

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Video Learning Center

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SEO Website Migration Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for website migration

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Mastering SEO Migration

Navigate website transitions without losing SEO traction.

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Tips for a Successful WordPress Website Migration

Master the essentials of moving your WordPress website seamlessly.

Common Migration Questions

  • What is website migration?

    Website migration is a process that involves significant changes to a website’s structure, content, location, UX, or design that could potentially impact search engine visibility. It includes switching your CMS, changing your domain, updating your site structure, or moving to a new server or host.

  • How long will the migration process take?

    It depends on the complexity of your website and the specific elements of migration required. It’s a good idea to start the process at least one month before your migration. This will give you time to test your new site, troubleshoot any issues that come up, and get everything ready for the big switch.

  • Is it hard to migrate a website?

    Website migration can indeed be complex, as it involves moving critical data from one system to another, and the process can have numerous components, depending on your specific scenario. This might include transferring the site structure, content, databases, images, and other elements.

    Navigating these steps can be challenging without the right technical knowledge. A misstep during the migration process might lead to broken links, lost data, or reduced site functionality, so it’s strongly recommended that a competent team of professionals carry out a website migration.

  • What are the risks of website migration?

    There are several potential risks you should be aware of when migrating a website:

    • Data Loss: This is one of the most significant risks associated with website migration. During the migration process, it’s possible for essential data to be accidentally lost or corrupted.
    • Broken Links: The URL structures of the pages might change during migration, leading to broken links. These can harm the user experience and negatively impact SEO efforts.
    • Downtime: There can be periods of downtime during the migration process. This can be mitigated by careful planning and executing the process during low-traffic periods.
    • SEO Impact: If incorrectly done, a website migration can temporarily or permanently harm a site’s SEO rankings.
  • Does website migration affect SEO?

    Without careful planning and the application of SEO best practices, website migration can potentially impact your SEO negatively. Factors such as changes in website structure, URL structure, or content can cause a fluctuation in rankings. However, when executed correctly, the impact on SEO can be mitigated and even improved over time.

    You want to ensure that your website retains its SEO value during migration. This involves things like setting up 301 redirects for changed URLs, preserving meta tags and keywords, and transferring all relevant content. SEO should be a prime consideration in every stage of the migration process to retain existing search engine rankings and website traffic.

  • What is a domain migration?

    Domain migration refers to the process of moving your website from one domain to another. It involves changing the website’s URL and redirects from the old domain to the new one. Domain migration can be done for various reasons, like rebranding, acquiring a more relevant domain name, or switching to a domain with a different extension.

    It’s crucial to ensure that all relevant SEO measures are taken during a domain migration. This includes setting up proper 301 redirects, updating internal links, informing Google about your new domain via Google Search Console, and updating your domain details in all your online marketing efforts.

  • Why do I need a professional service for website migration?

    Website migration is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure your site’s functionality, SEO, and overall performance remain unaffected. Professional service ensures this process is handled with the required expertise and meticulous attention, thereby minimizing the potential for errors or data loss.

  • What kind of businesses can use the website migration services?

    Our website migration services cater to a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to enterprise-level organizations operating across various industries. Regardless of whether you manage a blog, a local business website, a portfolio site, or a large eCommerce platform, our skilled team is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to address your unique migration needs. We tailor our services to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems, and we work closely with you to guarantee that the migration process aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

  • Can you migrate my e-Commerce store without losing any data or customer history?

    Absolutely. Our top priority during an eCommerce store migration is to ensure all your valuable data remains intact, maintaining trust between your business and your customers. This includes vital information such as customer records, product listings, orders, blog posts, and meta-data. Our experienced team relies on industry-leading tools coupled with tried-and-tested methodologies to minimize any possibility of data loss.

    In addition, we employ robust backup practices and redundancies to protect your website data during the transfer, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind throughout the migration process.

  • Do I need to provide anything during the website migration process?

    As we start with the migration process, you’ll need to provide a few essential details. First, we require access credentials to your existing website (for both the source and destination environments), such as hosting and domain details, as well as database and content management system details. Our team will securely manage this sensitive information and use it solely for the purpose of the migration.

    Furthermore, if you have any specific requests, functional requirements, or instructions, it’s crucial that you share them with us early on, so we can incorporate them into the overall migration plan. We believe in maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the process. We’ll keep you informed of our progress, and we’ll always be available to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the migration.

  • What is 'Post-Migration Support and Monitoring'?

    Our Post-Migration Support and Monitoring is an ongoing service we provide after the migration process is complete, ensuring that your website continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. During this period, our team will closely monitor your site’s performance, proactively identifying and resolving any issues that may arise after migration, such as broken links, website errors, or changes in SEO rankings.

    We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction – which is why our post-migration support covers not just the initial troubleshooting but also ongoing refinements to address any evolving needs or challenges that your website may face.

    We want to ensure that your new website not only functions optimally, but also contributes to the long-term success of your business. By partnering with you after the migration, we become an extension of your team, providing the expertise needed to drive continuous growth and achieve your business goals.