Hire an SEO Agency With a Local Santa Barbara Focus

We develop unique and specialized SEO strategies that are focused on your business, and your customers. We separate ourselves from other agencies by not running a one size fits all SEO audit for all of our clients, and then implementing a templated SEO strategy.

We spend the time to understand your business, then we develop a targeted plan based on:

  • Your competitors
  • Your goals
  • Your budget

All businesses are different, and no SEO campaign should be the same.

We are a long term partner for SEO growth, and will work with you to adjust our strategy as your business grows and your goals change.

You need an honest & transparent SEO agency to help you succeed in the current competitive SEO landscape. Everyday there are hundreds of new websites launched, and thousands of new articles published… but only the top 10 search results receive traffic.

To win in this growing field, an SEO agency must be able to offer full service execution. It’s not enough to just provide an audit and expect someone else to implement it, an SEO partner should be able to evaluate their strategy and adjust as needed.

That’s why we’ve developed our framework to offer:

  • Web development & pagespeed optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • In-house content writing
  • Editing staff
  • Custom SEO analytics dashboard

Web Development for an Investment Management Firm

"AUQ’s biggest strengths were their agility and solution-oriented approach."

- Director Of Communications, Investment Management Firm

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.5
Cost 5.0

Website Redesign & SEO for a Pet Odor Products Manufacturer

"Their service was outstanding, and it didn't stop after they completed our website."

- Director of Operations, Odors Away LLC

Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 5.0

Website Development & Maintenance for a Design Company

"They’re great at explaining the technology and suggesting solutions that can save time and money."

- Founder & Design Director, Tsang Seymour LLC

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.0
Cost 5.0

Web Design & Development for a Nonprofit Organization

"I’m impressed by their openness to listen — they want to make sure we’re happy with the results."

- Executive, Nonprofit Organization

Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.0
Cost 5.0

SEO & WordPress Web Development Services for an E-Commerce Company

"After seeing so many difficult site launches, I’m blown away by how smooth their process is."

- CEO, A Digital Agency

Quality 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Cost 4.5

Web Development & SEO Work for Casino Company

"AUQ’s project management has been excellent."

- COO, Casino M8trix

Quality 4.5
Schedule 5.0
Cost 4.5

Website Redesign & SEO Strategy for Food & Beverage Co

"Their SEO research and ability to break it down to us were impressive."


Quality 5.0
Schedule 4.5
Cost 5.0

SEO & Development Services

SEO Focused Web Design

SEO Focused Web Design

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Our team starts working on SEO during the design planning phase. The goal is to make your site easy to navigate for both …

Our team starts working on SEO during the design planning phase. The goal is to make your site easy to navigate for both users, and Google’s crawlers. We analyze your target keywords, group them into clusters and map these keyword / cluster combinations to unique pages on your domain. Our development approach stresses fast loading times, security and easy website management.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing

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Developing a content catalog is a proven, long term strategy for organic growth. However content marketing only works if the content is well …

Developing a content catalog is a proven, long term strategy for organic growth. However content marketing only works if the content is well researched, well written and optimized for conversion. We help our clients build & design their blog with conversion focused features that guide users towards sales or contact forms with an eye for ROI.

Analytics & Dashboard Setup

Analytics & Dashboard Setup

Accurate analytics help us test & optimize our clients’ campaigns. We set up custom systems to track a variety of primary & secondary …

Accurate analytics help us test & optimize our clients’ campaigns. We set up custom systems to track a variety of primary & secondary metrics, and use this data to help us adjust our conversion and SEO strategies. Our clients receive a custom analytics dashboard that reflects statistics unique to their business and are auto-updated daily.

Technical SEO & Development

Technical SEO & Development

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Our team is all about comprehensive search engine optimization, especially Technical SEO. We emphasize the significance of a great user experience for SEO. …

Our team is all about comprehensive search engine optimization, especially Technical SEO. We emphasize the significance of a great user experience for SEO. This covers everything from their first glimpse in search results to their final conversion or purchase decision:

  • Page speed optimizations
  • Indexation errors
  • SERP visibility & title tags
  • Javascript indexation
  • Schema mark up
  • Search console errors
  • EAT authority factors

Our team of experts crafts the technical SEO analysis – it’s not auto-generated by AI. This makes each analysis unique to your business, customers, and goals. We blend internal strategies and third-party tools for our review. We’re ready to guide your dev team or handle the process ourselves, complete with step-by-step implementation.

Partner with SEO experts who value transparency, trust and results!

SEO & E-comm

Penalty Recovery

AUQ redesigned and optimized an e-commerce company’s website for yaasa.com – an ergonomic furniture company in Santa Barbara. The team has also helped the firm with their SEO strategy. They’ve designed and developed their website using WordPress, Figma, and WooCommerce.

Design, Development & Content for SEO

+ 200 % Organic Traffic

AUQ worked with the Armormax.com team to increase organic traffic & organic conversions generated by the website by focusing on 3 things:

  • National content strategy
  • Design & development of new, searchable features
  • Regular technical SEO audits

Our Process

#1Initial Industry Research

#2Initial Industry Research

While we understand SEO, YOU are the expert on your business, which is why all of our projects start with a research phase where we try to understand your goals, your business and most importantly – your customers!

When we start any project, we take a close look at your company’s specific market and competitive strengths. This helps us create SEO strategies that are tailored to your business goals and take advantage of your existing strengths. We consider every part of your brand ecosystem to come up with solutions that will increase visibility, bring in more web traffic, and turn leads into customers.

#2Technical SEO

#3Technical SEO

To make sure your website is optimized and running smoothly, we’ll use a bunch of tools like ScreamingFrog Crawler, Google Search Console, and Lighthouse to check out your domain. This will help us find any problems that might be holding your website back. We’ll also take a look at things like domain strength and DNS structure to see if there are any issues there. All of this is part of our extensive technical SEO audit process.

#3Design for SEO

#4Design for SEO

Good design is key to a successful SEO strategy. It can make or break how people interact with your website, how well it converts visitors, and how Google views it. Our design team is all about making sure your website is easy to use, easy to read, and trustworthy. We’ll look at the pages and templates that are already getting a lot of traffic, and then make them even better. We’ll use the latest technology and tools to make sure everything is up-to-date and working as it should. We’ll also try to understand how people are finding your website and how they’re moving around once they get there. This way, we can make sure they’re having a great experience and that your website is growing organically.

#4Development for SEO

#5Development for SEO

Our development team is committed to giving your customers the best web experience possible and helping you stay ahead of the competition. To achieve this, we have adopted practices from SEO checkmarks to optimize for both mobile users and speed loading times on desktop devices. We understand that these factors are an increasingly important part of Google’s algorithm so our primary goal when it comes to website maintenance or optimization projects is fast page load speeds no matter what keywords come up in searches. If needed, we can provide assistance with implementation ourselves or guide any developers involved directly if working as a group effort..

#5Content Creation

#6Content Creation

Creating and optimizing content is a great way to get more traffic, reach more people, and make your website more visible. But to really succeed with content SEO, it’s important to have a deep understanding of your industry and how people search for things online. This includes working with expert writers who can accurately represent your company and its message, as well as reviewing and analyzing your content to make sure it’s as effective as possible. At our company, we work closely with clients to make sure we have the right people creating content and we have a process in place to maximize the impact of every page on our website.”



Our linkbuilding team is here to help your business grow through targeted and effective promotion strategies. We use a variety of tactics to get you more exposure, including creating content that will earn organic links and using pages that already rank well for certain keywords. This way, we can help you get more visibility without breaking the bank like you might with guest posting or other traditional methods. Let us help you boost your domain strength on industry blogs and publications

Work With SEO Experts

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer FULL SERVICE SEO, and would love to bring this expertise to your business.

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

SEO Video Guides

SaaS Keyword Research

Our top tips for conducting SaaS specific keyword research.

SaaS SEO Tools

A few tool recommendations for SaaS companies

Strength of a Backlink

What metrics do we use to measure backlinks?

Common SEO Questions

  • How much do SEO services cost in Santa Barbara?

    SEO services vary from agency to agency, and depending on their services. Some agencies specialize in linkbuilding while others focus on technical optimizations, all this will impact pricing. We offer full service SEO in Santa Barbara – which includes: linkbuilding, technical optimizations and content marketing, and our retainers start at $3,000.

  • How do you work with business in Santa Barbara?

    A big part of our team is global, but our project managers are based in California, and the founder ( me, Kirill Sajaev ) lives in Santa Barbara. I’m happy to take personal meetings with our clients in Santa Barbara, or any surrounding areas including Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, San Luis Obispo.

    I believe in a personal touch and I think face to face meetings can improve relationships, processes and help us reach your SEO goals faster.

    For clients that are unable to meet in person, we’re happy to work through video calls or by phone.

  • What industries do you work with?

    We work with a variety of industries ranging from local businesses to national saas companies – we provide a custom SEO strategy for each client based on their industry and competitive landscape. For our content marketing campaigns we hire subject matter experts to plan and write content for our clients blogs. This way each industry receives an individual expert, with a voice and expertise tailored to our partners’ goals.

  • Do you also help with web design & development?

    Yes! If we recommend it – we can implement it. We believe it’s not enough to submit an audit and point out a site’s shortcomings. We take the extra steps to follow through on our recommendations and implement them from a technical & design point of view. This allows us to execute our strategy from conception to delivery when working with WordPress sites.

  • Do you also help with web design & development?

    Web design & development are key components of a good SEO strategy, we’ve built our team around the idea that we should not have to outsource any portions of our SEO work, and if we recommend it – we should be able to implement it. So yes, we do offer web design & web development services to our clients in Santa Barbara – this allows us to execute our strategy from conception to delivery when working with WordPress sites.

  • Do you offer SEO penalty recovery services?

    Yes. Our penalty recovery process focuses primarily on technical SEO issues. In our experience most “SEO penalties” have been tied to a website re-launch, redesign or a major feature push. Often these issues cause unforeseen technical consequences such as de-indexing, DNS errors, SSL mistakes, hidden content or broken internal links. We also implement link toxicity and disavow campaigns as a safety measure.

    We’re happy to work with our neighbors in Santa Barbara to help them diagnose these issues, apply fixes and track recovery.

  • How do you approach linkbuilding?

    We developed our own, novel approach to linkbuilding that allows us to consistently acquire high quality, relevant links for our clients. Ever since the Penguin 2.0 update  in 2012 – Google has shifted focus from penalizing links, to de-valuing them, the result is while businesses might not be penalized – they could be wasting thousands of dollars in linkbuilding costs that do nothing to benefit their website.

    Our process is unique in the industry because we focus on page level metrics, and not domain level metrics. This way you can be sure your website is gathering links and traffic from pages that rank for terms in your industry, and can pass relevant traffic. As opposed to existing on a “jack of all trades” domain, buried deep in their blog library where neither real users, nor bots can find your links.