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Walter Martin

Technical Director

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Walter has over twenty five years of experience in software development, across seven countries in the Americas and Asia. He has worked as a direct contributor in areas as diverse as assembly language and C++ programming, UNIX systems administration, UI design, technical writing, Web design, and full stack website development.

His management experience extends from project management to product management to people management, at roles up to and including Senior Manager for a multinational software corporation based in Tokyo, where he became the first non-Asian employee at their China development center while building a high performing team with members from 5 countries speaking 4 native languages, and Chief Technical Officer of a startup in California that was unfortunately not named Google or Amazon.

He has the dubious distinction of being the only person he knows who ever submitted his resignation when he was offered a promotion! He built his first website in 1999, and for the last 15 years has worked almost exclusively in website development, building companies, leading design and development, or creating custom sites using WordPress or Laravel.

A strong proponent of the principles of User Centered Design and Development, he feels that his chief responsibility at AUQ is working with a client to properly identify the actual goal they have for their online presence, and then ensure that we reach or exceed it.

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