Ecommerce Keyword & Content Ideas ( Updated August 2022 )

Spotlight: B2B Ecommerce Industry – August 2022

Keywords% Increase
Enterprise for eCommerce platforms90%
Ecommerce website developers150%
Ecommerce website builders550%
B2b eCommerce platforms100%
Liability insurance for eCommerce200%
eCommerce analytic tools90%
eCommerce automation80%
analytics for eCommerce80%
eCommerce marketing automation60%
What is Dropshipping110%
eCommerce web development services60%
eCommerce Insurance60%
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The U.S B2b Ecommerce industry is estimated to reach over 1.8 trillion dollars in 2023.

As a result, many E-commerce stores are springing up to ride the online frenzy (almost anything is bought online these days). 

So, How Do You Beat Competition? 

Easy. With a fool-proof SEO Strategy. The most important step to improving your eCommerce SEO is to conduct extensive keyword research. Without it, your other efforts will be ineffective. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy-lifting and compiled a list of the top trending keywords in the eCommerce industry. These are a steal and would make excellent content marketing topics to outperform your competition.

Here’s a list of some of the trending keywords and ideas on how you can spin them into your next high-ranking content;

Enterprise for eCommerce platforms – 90% MoM

It’s a no-brainer. Businesses are looking for the best platforms to market, so this tops our list. This keyword peaked in early late 2021/early 2022. Cover topics on the best enterprise eCommerce platforms if you want to be seen as an expert in providing b2b eCommerce solutions.

eCommerce website developers – 150% MoM

Should businesses build their websites from scratch? Use a SaaS or open source eCommerce platforms? Many businesses need answers on choosing website developers that are best for them. Or if there’s a need for one (with the countless quick build platforms). We recommend eCommerce sites cover topics on web devs & their role in building online stores. 

E-commerce website builder – 550% MoM

From Shopify to Wix, hundreds of eCommerce platforms help businesses get online without lifting a finger. We recommend creating content around the best platforms to help wholesales, retailers, and small businesses find the best eCommerce website builder for them. 

B2b eCommerce platform – 100% MoM

Most businesses ask, “How do I choose the best b2b e-commerce platform?” in their infant stages. The uptrend in the eCommerce space has increased search volume by over 100% in the past year. Writing to educate this audience about the best eCommerce platforms can earn you more traffic from your target audience.

Liability insurance for eCommerce – 200% MoM

What is Ecommerce liability insurance?

“E-commerce product liability insurance covers costs if a claim is filed because your e-commerce business delivered a defective product to customers. This eCommerce insurance covers attorney fees, compensatory payments, and other legal costs on your behalf. It could range from product liability insurance to retail liability insurance.” –

See what we did there?  

This is a concise example of what to cover in an informative piece on eCommerce liability insurance.

Plus, it’s not a competitive topic. So you have a better chance of ranking.

E-commerce analytic tools – 90% MoM

Ecommerce analysis entails gathering information from all areas that have an impact on your store. Many businesses have little understanding of how to measure what works. We recommend that you cover topics such as reviewing the best eCommerce analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and so on. This positions you as an authority and snatches attention from competitors.

eCommerce automation – 80% MoM

Running a business takes time, so super busy entrepreneurs look for ways to make it easier.  We recommend curating a guide on eCommerce store automation tools to help entrepreneurs.  

What is dropshipping – 110% MoM

dropshipping interests in the past 12 months

Dropshipping is becoming more popular. Before 2025, the dropshipping industry is expected to be worth over $557 billion. Picture this; You publish a step-by-step guide on dropshipping for new entrepreneurs and strategically shed light on your store as the perfect place to start. Double grammy from Google and increasing sales. Don’t you think?

Analytics for eCommerce – 80% MoM

What is Ecommerce Analytics? 

“Ecommerce analytics is the process of collecting data from all areas that affect your store, using this information to understand changes in customer behaviour, online shopping trends, and optimizing your site for the best results.” –

Oops! We did it again. Yet another idea to steal from. Cover topics on eCommerce analytics like user behavior, Audience Demographics, Click Through Rate (CTR) and more to save store owners from chasing vain metrics.

eCommerce marketing automation – 60% MoM

What is eCommerce marketing automation? 

“Ecommerce marketing automation entails using software to manage and control repetitive tasks. This frees human resources to focus on software management or other tasks.” –

Additionally, businesses need more insight on how to automate marketing processes. From finding leads, nursing them, e.t.c. This is yet another example of what you can write about and educate your audience. 

You’re Welcome.

:eCommerce web development services – 60% MoM

A thriving online store is way past nailing aesthetics and having products for the target audience. Does your site load super fast? Does it take hours to confirm an order? Can it process bulk orders at once? We recommend freelancers, devs, or agencies that provide eCommerce web development services to cover topics on this keyword to attract businesses that need their expertise.

E-commerce insurance – 60% MoM

The fraud in the online space affects consumers and business owners alike. Many businesses risk being breached and plagiarised, among many others. We recommend educating consumers and upcoming e-commerce business owners on insurance policies from our research. It is a great way to cement authority against your competitors and drive users & traffic to your site.

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