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Removing the “Shipping calculated at checkout” message in Shopify can be a strategic move to provide clearer upfront costs to your customers. This message typically appears on product and cart pages, indicating that shipping costs will be added later. To remove or alter this message, follow these steps:

Understand Your Shipping Settings:

  • Before making any changes, understand how your shipping is set up in Shopify. This message appears because shipping costs are determined based on the customer’s address, weight of the items, or price. If you have a flat rate or free shipping, you might not need this message.

Access Your Shopify Admin:

  • Log in to your Shopify admin panel. This is your control room for all store operations.

Navigate to Online Store:

  • In the Shopify admin, go to the ‘Online Store’ section, which is usually found in the left-hand sidebar. This section controls everything related to the appearance of your store.

Edit Your Theme’s Language Settings:

  • Once in the ‘Online Store’ section, click on ‘Themes.’ Here, you’ll find your current theme. Next to your theme, you’ll see an ‘Actions’ button. Click on it, and then select ‘Edit languages.’

Modify the Cart Messages:

  • In the ‘Edit languages’ section, you’ll find various text fields for different parts of your store. To change the shipping message, look for the Cart section. You can use the search bar to find ‘shipping’ related fields quickly.

Change or Remove the Message:

  • Find the field that says something like “Shipping calculated at checkout” and change it to your preferred message. If you want to remove it entirely, you can clear the text from this field. Be cautious, as this might affect customer expectations regarding shipping costs.

Save Your Changes:

  • After editing the text, make sure to save your changes. This will update the message on your store’s cart and product pages.

Review Your Store:

  • Visit your store as a customer would and check to ensure the changes appear as you intended. It’s important to see how it looks from a customer’s perspective.

Update Your Shipping Policy:

  • If you remove this message, consider updating your shipping policy or FAQ page to clearly state how shipping costs are determined. Transparency in shipping policies helps in building customer trust.

Monitor Customer Feedback:

  • After making this change, keep an eye on customer inquiries and feedback. If customers are confused about shipping costs, you may need to revisit your shipping settings or the way you communicate them.

Remember, the goal is to make the shopping experience as transparent and straightforward as possible. While removing the “Shipping calculated at checkout” message can streamline the page, ensure that shipping costs are still communicated effectively to avoid surprising customers during the checkout process.

Common Questions

  • Will removing the 'Shipping calculated at checkout' message affect my shipping rates?

    No, removing or altering this message will not affect your actual shipping rates or the way they are calculated. It only changes how shipping information is presented to your customers on the product and cart pages.

  • What should I replace the 'Shipping calculated at checkout' message with if I offer free shipping?

    If you offer free shipping, you can replace the message with something like “Free Shipping on All Orders” or “Enjoy Complimentary Shipping!” This clearly communicates your shipping policy and can be an attractive point for customers.

  • How do I ensure customers are aware of shipping costs if I remove this message?

    If you remove the message, consider providing shipping cost information on your product pages, in your FAQs, or on a dedicated shipping policy page. Transparency is key, so customers aren’t surprised by extra costs at checkout.

  • Can I customize the message for different products or regions?

    The customization of the shipping message in Shopify is generally global and not product or region-specific. However, you can use apps or custom coding to create more dynamic messaging based on products or customer locations.

  • What if I change my shipping policy after removing the message?

    If you change your shipping policy, update your website accordingly. This includes revising any custom messages you’ve added in place of “Shipping calculated at checkout,” as well as updating your shipping policy page and FAQs.

  • Is it necessary to have coding skills to remove or change this message?

    No, you don’t need coding skills to change this message. You can easily modify it through the theme’s language settings in your Shopify admin panel. However, if you want more complex customizations, some basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, or the help of a developer, might be necessary.