How to make shipping free on Shopify?

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Offering free shipping on your Shopify store can be an effective way to attract and retain customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up free shipping on your Shopify store:

Step 1: Access Your Shopify Admin

  • Log in to your Shopify account to access the admin dashboard.

Step 2: Configure Your Shipping Settings

  • In the Shopify admin, navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Shipping and delivery.’

Step 3: Review Your Shipping Zones

  • Under ‘Shipping zones,’ you’ll see a list of the zones you’ve set up. These zones determine where you offer shipping and the rates associated with each zone. You can edit existing zones or create new ones if needed.

Step 4: Edit or Create a Shipping Zone

  • To edit an existing zone, click on its name. To create a new zone, click on ‘Add shipping zone.’
  • Give the zone a name that reflects its coverage area, such as ‘Domestic’ or ‘International.’
  • Define the countries or regions included in the zone. You can specify multiple countries or use the ‘Rest of the world’ option.
  • Once you’ve set up the zone, click ‘Save.’

Step 5: Configure Shipping Rates

  • Within the zone settings, you’ll find the option to configure shipping rates. Click ‘Add rate.’
  • Name the rate, such as ‘Free Shipping.’
  • In the ‘Price-based rates’ section, set the rate to ‘Free.’
  • If you want to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, specify the ‘Minimum order price’ under ‘Conditions.’ For example, you can set it to ‘Free shipping for orders over $50.’
  • Click ‘Done’ to save your rate.

Step 6: Save Your Shipping Settings

  • After setting up your free shipping rate, make sure to click ‘Save’ or ‘Save shipping zone.’

Step 7: Test Your Free Shipping

  • To ensure that free shipping is working correctly, add a test product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Verify that the shipping cost is $0 for orders that meet the conditions you set.

Step 8: Communicate Free Shipping to Customers

  • Update your store’s messaging and product pages to inform customers about the free shipping offer. Prominently display any minimum order requirements if applicable.

Step 9: Monitor and Adjust

  • Regularly review your free shipping offer’s performance using Shopify analytics. Adjust the minimum order requirement or expand the offer to other zones as needed to maximize its effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can easily set up free shipping on your Shopify store, making it an attractive option for your customers and potentially boosting your sales and conversion rates.


Common Questions

  • Can I offer free shipping for specific products only?

    Yes, you can offer free shipping for specific products on Shopify. You can set up free shipping rates based on product weight, price, or other criteria. This allows you to offer free shipping selectively.

  • Is it possible to offer free shipping for international orders?

    Yes, you can offer free shipping for international orders by creating shipping zones that include the desired countries or regions. Just set the shipping rates to ‘Free’ for those zones.

  • What if I want to offer free shipping with no minimum order requirement?

    To offer unconditional free shipping, you can create a free shipping rate with no minimum order price. This means that all orders, regardless of their total value, will qualify for free shipping.

  • How can I calculate the impact of offering free shipping on my profit margins?

    To assess the impact on your profit margins, consider factors like shipping costs, average order value, and the increased sales volume due to free shipping. Shopify’s built-in analytics can help you track the effects on your store’s profitability.

  • Can I offer free shipping temporarily for a promotion or sale?

    Yes, you can set up temporary free shipping rates for specific promotions or sales. Once the promotion period ends, you can revert to your regular shipping rates.

  • Does offering free shipping improve conversion rates?

    Offering free shipping can improve conversion rates as it’s a compelling incentive for shoppers. However, the impact may vary depending on your target audience and product prices, so it’s essential to monitor the results to determine its effectiveness for your store.