Optimize Your Webflow Website With These SEO Plugins

Webflow has become a prominent option for website design and development, combining simplicity with advanced design capabilities. Plugins (officially called Apps) are additional features capable of supercharging a website with necessary functionalities.

SEO Plugins focus on elements such as keyword optimization, meta tags, and content analytics to boost a site’s visibility and performance on search engines. However, Webflow features a plethora of these in its marketplace. 

This article offers an insight into the top SEO plugins for Webflow, detailing their features, advantages, and their role in improving a website’s rankings. 

1. Semflow


Semflow is a dedicated SEO plugin for Webflow designed to simplify the SEO optimization process for novices and experienced professionals. Depending on your use case, it can offer a complete suite of tools for auditing, scoring, and optimizing Webflow sites for search engine performance. 

Its users can conduct unlimited site audits, and check for essential ranking factors catered to their unique needs. Aside from this, Semflow also provides detailed recommendations for improvements within its environment. 

If that’s not enough, you can also expect the plugin to equip you with keyword management, that enables users to not only set but also optimize page elements based on specific keywords. In a way, it’s quite similar to Yoast SEO (a WordPress SEO Plugin).

  • Run site audits to check for necessary ranking factors. 
  • Receive an SEO score to gauge the site’s rankability. 
  • View the status of all pages and get detailed recommendations for fixing SEO errors. 
  • Set and save keywords for each page to tailor SEO strategies. 
  • Access Google PageSpeed Insights scores directly within Semflow, facilitating in boosting site speed
  • Unlimited audits and support for managing multiple sites, ideal for freelancers and agencies.

Price: $15/month for a monthly subscription or $8/month with an annual plan (saving 53%). A 7-day free trial is available to test all features.

2. fluidSEO 


Designed to simplify the addition of structured data fluidSEO optimizes SEO strategies without the need for coding expertise. It allows for easy integration of Google’s recommended JSON-LD formatted schema, enhancing your site’s visibility on search engines. 

This indirectly impacts click-through rates, visitor engagement, and reducing bounce rates. Plus, these features also include adding an organization scheme to showcase company details on Google’s Knowledge Graph and generating smart descriptions for meta titles and descriptions. 

This is done by leveraging smart tools like AI, and through bult updating SEO tags via CSVs to make site-wide optimizations more effective. In a way, it provides the most comprehensive set of schema solutions within the Webflow space without having to go through the technical complexities. 

  • Effortlessly add structured schema to Webflow sites to improve visibility and click-through rates. 
  • Generate smart, AI-driven descriptions for better engagement. 
  • Bulk update SEO tags across your entire site with a few clicks, saving time. 
  • Manage follow/nofollow tags on Webflow CMS pages in bulk, optimizing your backlink strategy. 
  • Resolve orphan page warnings with the canonical URL plugin, enhancing site health and SEO performance. 

Price: Offers a free plan with advanced features accessible upon subscription. 

3. PageFactory


PageFactory introduces a novel approach to SEO by automating content creation, allowing users to focus more on sales and marketing, and less on the time-consuming task of content generation. 

It uses programmatic SEO to help its users target thousands of keywords, ensuring each topic is in its most SEO-optimized state. Besides, users can also create templates for their content, and upload a CSV file with their data, and PageFactory will generate and publish articles for each data row. 

This process uses long-tail, low-competition keywords to increase website traffic. This approach works particularly well for SaaS SEO, where the product is the one doing the heavy lifting, while PageFactory can take care of the extra jargon for you. 

  • Automate SEO content creation by using templates and CSV data. 
  • Publish hundreds of pages in minutes directly to Webflow. 
  • Supports dynamic text, images, links, HTML, and most popular collection field types. 
  • Integrates with Webflow without needing third-party services like Zapier. 

Price: Has a 7-day free trial. For monthly access, the cost is $39.00, allowing for the creation of unlimited content and the ability to publish to any site with up to 50 MB of data processing. The annual subscription is available at $299.00, giving four months free under the same conditions. 

4. Optomate


Optomate is an all-in-one solution for auditing and optimizing Webflow websites for performance, SEO, accessibility, and security. It’s designed with both agencies and freelancers in mind and enables the management of multiple Webflow websites from a single dashboard. 

This plugin’s core feature is the auditing of over 200 parameters, to provide you with a diverse set of KPIs (be it B2B, SaaS, or blogging) to work for, eventually resulting in better rankings. Optomate supports unlimited crawls, allowing for continuous monitoring and optimization of website health.

  • Management of multiple Webflow websites with dedicated, customizable dashboards. 
  • Page-wise audits to ensure optimal performance across all pages. 
  • Unlimited crawls for continuous website health checks. 
  • Collaborative features for team members with customizable access levels. 
  • Integration with Google Search Console for enhanced data analysis. 
  • Automated Alerts and white-labeled reports for efficient client communication. 

Price: Optomate’s Pro plan offers monthly and yearly subscriptions at $37.5 per month and $355 per month, respectively, saving 30% with the yearly plan. This plan starts with support for 3 websites and includes audits for site performance, basic and advanced SEO, uptime, security, and more​​​​​​.

5. Lokalise 


Catering to local SEO, Lokalise streamlines the translation process, empowering marketing teams to manage their localization projects with greater speed and flexibility. It requires no coding skills and can integrate with Webflow to enable the direct import of static pages or CMS items for translation.

The translated content can then be exported just as easily back to Webflow. Lokalise supports a range of translation solutions, from professional service and machine translation engines to AI-powered translations, catering to your specific needs. 

  • No-code content localization for Webflow static pages and CMS items. 
  • Multiple translation options: professional services, machine translation, or Lokalise AI. 
  • Complete project visibility with progress tracking and quality assurance tools. 
  • Support for automated quality checks, translation memory, glossaries, and more. 

Price: Offers a free tier, with more advanced features available in paid plans (Start, Essential, and Pro ranging from $120 to $825). For enterprise-grade clients, contacting Localise’s sales team is the best course of action. 

6. Adaptify SEO 


Adaptify analyzes your website to understand your business and customer profile, crafting a bespoke SEO strategy using relevant keyword clusters. It then executes this strategy by automatically creating high-ranking content tailored to your audience’s search intent, and directly publishing it to your site. 

This process automates keyword strategy, content, creation, and PR backlink generation. All of this content is designed to drive traffic and conversions, supported by an AI-level understanding of your business. 

As a cherry on top, Adaptify also creates custom images and infographics and can interlink your articles for you, ensuring complete optimization. 

  • Automated SEO strategy creation using AI for tailored keyword clusters.
  • Direct content publication to Webflow, optimized for search intent. 
  • Customized images and infographics creation for engagement. 
  • Automatic backlink generation through personalized outreach to reputable PR outlets. 
  • Detailed analysis and strategy adjustments based on existing content and competitor performance. 

Price: Starts at $499 per month under the Growth Plan, with an Agency Plan available at $999 per month for managing multiple sites. Custom pricing is available for the Agency+ Plan, designed for SEO at scale. A 3-day free trial is offered to test the services before any charges are applied. 

7. AutoLink.ai 


AutoLink streamlines the process of creating and managing internal links across your website without breaking the bank. It uses AI technology to automatically analyze your content and suggests the most relevant internal linking opportunities, improving your site’s search engine visibility. 

The app offers a bulk linking feature, allowing the addition of links across numerous pages simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and consistency in your internal linking structure. Additionally, AutoLink.ai supports multilingual content SEO, making it compatible with global websites. 

  • AI-powered recommendations for internal linking, and optimizing site structure for search engines. 
  • Bulk linking capability for efficient link addition across multiple pages. 
  • Detailed link reports to optimize anchor text ratio and identify broken links. 
  • Support for over 50 languages, facilitating linking for international audiences

Price: Free, with paid options in Starter, Biz, and Pro plans ranging from 15€ to 79€ (per month) in annual plans, and 30€ to 149€ in monthly plans. 


In essence, selecting the correct SEO plugin is necessary for Webflow users to improve their search engine rankings, driving more traffic to their sites, and ultimately achieving greater digital marketing success. The discussed plugins offer a range of solutions to help you meet this goal.