Best SEO Techniques for Cyber Security & IT Companies (Keywords + Topic Clusters Included)

Keyword: Cybersecurity

Keywords% Increase
Correct way to protect CUI4,850%
Security best practice 1,200%
Cyber security courses300%
What is whaling120%
What is tailgating in cyber security 110%
Sinclair Broadcasting ransomware attack100%
AWS firewall100%
Anonymous hacking Russia100%
Ethical hacking94%
Apple Spyware update3,250%
Google TrendsMore details in this piece

Cybersecurity is a topic that nearly every company must address to ensure and improve the success and security of their digital transformation (e.g., automated processes, cloud-based tools, or software support). Previously dismissed as an IT department task, cybersecurity has increasingly become a dominant part of top-level strategic planning.

Here’s What You’d Get From This Piece:

  • Best SEO Techniques for Cyber Security & IT Companies  (Keywords + Topic Clusters Included)
  • Keyword: Cybersecurity
  • Global Value of the Cybersecurity Industry In 2022
  • State Of The Cybersecurity Industry In The U.S.
  • Why Is Seo Important For Cyber Security Firms?
  • Trending keywords in the Cybersecurity Industry (+ topic ideas)
  • Topic: CUI / Keyword: Correct way to protect CUI – 4,850%
  • Topic: Internet Security / Keyword: Security best practices – 300%
  • Topic: Firewall / Keyword: AWS firewall – 100%
  • Topic: Tailgating / Keyword: Tailgating: 80%
  • Topic: Hacking / Keyword: Ethical Hacking 94%
  • Topic: Malware / Keyword: Ransomware 100%
  • Topic: Malware / Keyword: Spyware 3,250% / Keyword: SaaS

Process digitization has been in place for several years, and most of our daily operations are now online. SEO security is important because there are so many websites and online platforms. As a result, cyber security and IT firms are in high demand, and using SEO techniques to market their products is the next step.

 Alternatively, cyber security advertising can be used to educate more webmasters on the importance of maintaining a secure online environment.

Global Value of the Cybersecurity Industry In 2022

The global Cybersecurity market has seen robust growth in recent years, with revenue increasing from US$83 billion in 2016 to US$138 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 10.5%.

Furthermore, cybersecurity adoption is expected to rise with rising internet penetration in both developing and developed countries. Therefore the Cybersecurity market is expected to generate roughly US$159 billion in revenue by 2022.

State Of The Cybersecurity Industry In The U.S.

In 2022, the Cybersecurity market in the United States is expected to generate US$64.86 billion in revenue. Security Services is the market’s largest segment, with a projected market volume of roughly US$34 billion in 2022. 

Image Source     cost of cybercrime in the U.S. in from 2016-2027

Revenue is expected to grow at a 12.39% annual rate (CAGR 2022-2027), resulting in a market volume of US$116.30 billion by 2027.

Why Is Seo Important For Cyber Security Firms?

Given the rapid growth and diversification of various cyber threat models, the demand for more cyber security firms is growing, and this industry is about to become even more competitive.

SEO places your content in front of your target audiences, such as Chief Information Officers, Infosec Heads, or Risk Managers, who require services such as those provided by Cyber Security & IT firms. 

These services include a firewall system, cyber threat intelligence platform, third-party cyber risk assessment solution, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, data loss prevention, and so on.

When organizations, or even individuals, require services like these, the quickest way to find them is to go online and conduct a quick search. 

When your website is optimized, it will beat the competition to appear in the top search result. Users who see your website in the top results and click through it become aware of your products or services. This boosts visibility and gives you a better chance to win them over. 

However, this won’t be possible without;

  1. A Well Optimised Site. Does your site load super fast? Are the pages well audited? If you’re unsure about these, Head to to get a free SEO Audit right away.
  2. Publishing Quality Content.

Here are some topic ideas and keywords you can use to curate content to attract your target audience and beat the competition below;

Topic: CUI

Keyword: Correct way to protect CUI – 4,850%


We noticed increased searches for the best way to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). CUI deals with updates on government policies, laws, rules, and regulations.

Content Ideas

  • We recommend that technology companies shed more light on personally identifiable information, proprietary business information, and other CUI-related topics to meet these needs.

Topic: Internet Security

Keyword: Security best practices – 300%


Since the Facebook privacy lawsuit, people have been increasingly concerned about online privacy and security while using social media. As a result, there’s a 1200% increase in searches with keyword security best practices

Plus, in the post-COVID world, most businesses have moved online as it was the only way to stay afloat. This is why we saw an increase in IT jobs, including cyber security. People are searching for cyber security courses online to learn a skill and start earning from home. 

What’s more? Hackers often use phishing attacks to target internet users, but whaling is focused mainly on high-profile individuals. As a result, we noticed a 170% increase in searches related to whaling. 

Content Ideas

  • We recommend that bloggers educate people on how to protect their identities 
  • Publish informational content on privacy when using social networking sites.
  • Offering courses on cyber security can be an excellent way for companies to gain visibility online. 
  • Shed more light on how to spot whaling and catfishing issues is a great way for IT companies and bloggers to build topic authority, spread awareness and attract the target audience.  

Topic: Firewall

Keyword: AWS firewall – 100%


AWS is one of the most popular and broadly-used cloud platforms. We saw a 100% increase in searches for keywords related to AWS firewall (or AWS WAF). 

Content Ideas

  • For companies providing web application development services, covering topics on cloud security, best network monitoring tools, e.t.c, is a great way to attract the right traffic and build authority. 

Topic: Tailgating

Keyword: Tailgating: 80%


Tailgating is one of the most common cyber security breaches that affect all organizations. And the more technology advances, the harder it is to spot. But an  80% increase in searches related to taligating shows more people are interested in the topic and coveing content around it could drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Content Ideas 

  • Educate your audience on topics like how to spot tailgating and tighten web security.
  • Write more topics around the keyword “tailgating” 

Topic: Hacking

Keyword: Ethical Hacking 94%


Since the hacker group — Anonymous went famous by declaring a cyber War on Russia, there’s been an increase in searches for “Anonymous hacking Russia.” People also search for “is Annonymous hacking Russia” and “Russia Ukraine.” 

Ethical hacking has remained a topic of interest for people worldwide, but there’s been an increase in interest, especially in India. 

Content Ideas

  • We recommend cyber security companies keep their visitors interested by keeping them up-to-date with the latest news.
  • Writing content on Cryptography, computer network threats, system hacking and & security, e.t.c, related to ethical hacking is a great way to break into the Indian  infant market.  

Topic: Malware

Keyword: Ransomware 100%


Early 2022, Sinclair Broadcast Group lost tens of millions of dollars in an October ransomware attack, which likely led to increased searches regarding the Sinclair broadcasting ransomware attack.

Content ideas

  • Cover news on trending hack incidents, data breaches, how they happened, and solutions to attract traffic to your cybersecurity blog.   

Topic: Malware

Keyword: Spyware 3,250%


Apple recently launched a spyware update, which likely caused a 3,250% increase in searches related to the Apple spyware update

Content Ideas

  • To IT companies offering iOS solutions, we recommend posting regular updates regarding the Apple software. For instance the soon-to-be-launched- iPhone 14, Apple stock market, e.t.c. to stay up-to-date. 

Keyword: SaaS


SaaS solutions assist organizations in achieving critical goals such as cost reductions and faster time-to-market. However, they face cybersecurity risks, like all other digital transformation products. 

Communications between thousands of SaaS platforms also pose a new threat to corporate cybersecurity. Hackers may gain access to more information if users’ privacy is not adequately protected. 

Content Ideas

  • Covering topics such as the best security tools, potential threats, and effective protective measures is another way to establish authority and beat the competition.
Cybersecurity trend for past 12 months

From the chart above, cybersecurity has solidly maintained a good spot in the United States trend over the last year. According to the statistics, cybersecurity will gain more traction in the coming years.

The industry will continue to be competitive. And the best way to beat the competition is to create high-quality content on a site that is well optimized for both search engines and the target audience.

Head to for a free SEO audit today!