Case Study: Booking WooCommerce Dev & Design @


Birdmi is a tour company that specializes in booking worldwide tours for their users, they partner with local tour providers and list their tours on their website.

AUQ partnered with to redesign and build a brand new version of the Birdmi website complete with new branding and a complex online booking system based on WordPress & WooCommerce.

birdmi woocommerce project

The Client

Complex tours made easy online


birdmi woocommerce product list

The Challenge

What challenge were you trying to address with AUQ?

The challenge was to leverage existing frameworks like WordPress & WooCommerce to keep costs down, but also provide a robust backend as well as account for a variety of custom use cases for booking trips.

For example – some tours had specific starts during the day, and various add-ons like lunch or safety gear. All this needed to be incorporated into the checkout flow.

woocommerce checkout from birdmi

The Solution

Easy to use solution for both users and managers.

We relied on a mix of custom code and WooCommerce’s booking plugin.


We began by creating a modern and user-friendly design for Birdmi’s website. The new design featured beautiful imagery of birdwatching locations, clear calls-to-action, and easy navigation. We then used Woocommerce to build the booking system.

Front End Development

We customized the booking plugin to suit Birdmi’s needs, including creating a custom checkout process and a customer dashboard that allowed users to manage their bookings.

Account Management System

We also created a backend system for the managers to easily view and manage bookings. The backend system allowed managers to view and manage bookings, update tour information, and generate reports. We also integrated the booking system with the payment gateway to allow for secure and easy payments.

Additionally users were able to view and manage their bookings by logging into the backend of the website.