How to add products to Shopify?

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Adding products to your Shopify store is a key step in setting up your online business. Here’s a simple, step by step guide to make the process easy and straightforward:

Step by Step Guide to Adding Products to Shopify

1. Log Into Your Shopify Account
Start by logging into your Shopify admin dashboard.

2. Go to the Products Section
On the left hand side of the dashboard, you’ll find the ‘Products’ section. Click on it.

3. Add a New Product
Click on the ‘Add product’ button, usually located towards the top right of the screen.

4. Enter Product Details

  • Title and Description: Write a compelling title and a detailed description of your product. Be sure to include key features and benefits.
  • Images: Upload high quality images of your product. These images should be clear, welllit, and show the product from various angles.
  • Pricing: Set the price of your product. You can also include a comparative price to show discounts.
  • Inventory: Add the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and barcode (if applicable). This helps in managing inventory.
  • Shipping: Indicate whether the product requires shipping and enter the product’s weight, which is crucial for calculating shipping costs.

5. Organize Products into Collections (Optional)
You can group related products into collections for easier navigation. This step is optional but highly recommended for better store organization.

6. Set Up SEO for the Product
Under the ‘Search engine listing preview’, you can edit the web address, page title, and meta description. This is important for SEO purposes.

7. Save the Product
After entering all the details, click ‘Save’ to add the product to your store.

Tips for Product Addition

Use SEOFriendly Titles and Descriptions: This helps your products to be more easily found in search engines.
Optimize Images: Ensure images are of a good resolution but optimized for web use to ensure fast loading times.
Be Detailed: The more information you provide about your products, the better. Detailed descriptions can help in reducing customer queries and returns.


Adding products to your Shopify store is a straightforward process. It’s about filling in the necessary details and presenting your products in an appealing and informative manner. Regularly updating and optimizing product listings is key to maintaining an attractive and efficient online store.


Common Questions

  • How Do I Add a New Product to My Shopify Store?

    To add a new product, go to your Shopify admin, click on ‘Products’, and then select ‘Add product’. Enter the product details, upload images, set the price, and save your changes.

  • Can I Add Multiple Images for a Single Product?

    Yes, you can add multiple images for a product. It’s recommended to use high-quality images showing different angles and details of the product.

  • How Important is SEO for My Product Listings?

    SEO is crucial for product listings. Make sure to use SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and URLs to improve your product’s visibility in search engines.

  • What Should I Include in My Product Description?

    Your product description should include key features, benefits, specifications, and any other relevant information that would be useful to the customer.

  • Is It Necessary to Include the Weight of My Products?

    Yes, including the weight of your products is essential, especially if your store uses weight-based shipping rates.

  • Can I Organize My Products into Collections?

    Absolutely, organizing products into collections can improve the shopping experience by making it easier for customers to find related items.