Salesforce SEO Blog Audit

Our favorite quick win strategy is to look at keywords in positions between 7 – 30. We call these “almost rankers” these keywords are already indexed by Google, and they’re already beating majority of the competitors, BUT they’re just out of reach for driving traffic.

These page & keyword combinations are usually the best bet for optimizations, letting you take advantage of work already completed by your content teams.

In the case of sales force we see can sort the data in 2 ways:

1. Highest CPC Keywords: 

These keywords are generally the most valuable due to their high paid click costs, and getting free SEO traffic for them would be a HUGE win.

KeywordVolumeCPCCurrent positionCurrent URL
attribution model90030.5418
social selling280024.898
customer experience920019.9113
salesforce connections70016.57
small business seo80016.0118
subscription models70014.294
data silos150012.5623
sales promotion350012.4211
what is a sales funnel130012.17
insurance technology70010.9210
subscription model90010.468
promotion strategies20009.9416
sales funnel stages1400913
salesforce architect salary9008.920
business inspirational quotes11008.8211
types of leaders27008.8116
sales metrics9008.818
amazon customer number22008.2210
holidays calendar12008.2111

2. Highest Volume Keywords: 

These keywords have the most traffic potential, but may not convert as often as the high cpc keywords. However these would be great for driving large numbers of users to your site to set up for retargeting campaigns in the future.

KeywordVolumeCPCCurrent positionCurrent URL
leadership styles620001.5419
gen z age range600001.6111
millennial age range3500013
lippert components220000.2118
mascoma bank150006.5418
what years are gen z1500014
business quotes140002.475
chat with amazon customer service140000.6117
sales funnel120008.028
smb meaning120007.8819
millennial age group120002.0313
ada compliance110002.7711
ada compliant1000015
trailblazer definition9600019
types of leadership styles68003.2213
types of leadership67003.4820
chatbot meaning640017


This type of audit helps us understand and single out opportunities for quick wins, and take advantage of the work your team has already put into existing content.

We recommend running these audits every few months and leveraging your existing content with optimizations such as:

  • Updating content
  • Adding images
  • Improving internal & external linking
  • Improving time on page metrics
  • Lowering bounce rate