Case Study: Website Rebranding @ Casino M8trix

The Project

Casino M8trix is a popular casino in San Jose, California and offers an entertainment hub for the Silicone Valley. Outside of gambling and table games they also offer a number of restaurant and a variety of events to attract customers.

After working with Casino M8trix on web maintenance projects for over a year we were asked to help them with a redesign and a minor rebranding of the website.

The Problem

There was a number of reasons for updating the old website both from a technical & design point of view:

  • Increase Hiring: Casino M8trix wanted to hire more employees so we suggested to build a stylized job portal that connects to their hiring CMS’s API. This way users can see all the available jobs on the careers page and apply without leaving the website.
  • Modern Design: We designed a striking, modern look with a dark background to reflect the nightlife & entertainment nature of our client. We leaned heavily on hover states and animations to highlight clickable elements to help users explore all the services available at Casino M8trix.
  • Fast Loading Times: The original version of the site was struggling under the weight of too many plugins and bloated code from an expired theme. We’ve rebuilt the site with a brand new custom themed and custom coded as many of the features as possible. This helps increase security and loading times by minimizing use of third party plugins.

The Process

Card Academy video and lessons library.

Mood Board & Design System

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