Case Study: WordPress Focused SEO @ Armormax


AUQ worked with the team to increase organic traffic & organic conversions generated by the website by focusing on 3 things:

  • National content strategy
  • Linkbuilding strategy
  • Design & development of new, searchable features with SEO in mind
  • Technical SEO audits

Our initial contract started with web development and maintenance. However, after we took over SEO management as well, we saw tremendous success, including a 5x increase in traffic.

The Client

Armormax is a unique business that upgrades vehicles with armor plating and bulletproof windshields, as well as a number of advanced security features. They are an international company that has facilities in several countries, as well as multiple US states.

Their clients are often international government officials, celebrities and various VIPs, as well as individuals interested in safety.

The Challenge

Tech had a lot of legacy code that needed to be upgraded, including deep work on page speed optimizations.


Many potential clients do not know that this type of service is possible, so the challenge was to find the right keywords which may be high in the research funnel for future customers, and then introduce this service to them after they land on the website.

We also wanted to improve SEO & site interaction by:

  • Redesigning the blog to improve SEO and bounce rates
  • Adding a searchable FAQ section, which would answer short questions
  • Updating the car gallery pages for SEO & conversion
Car navigation page

The Solution

We implemented a full service approach that included technical, design, and content optimization, before we moved into ongoing monthly work which focuses on content and linkbuilding:

  1. Discovery Phase – we worked with Armormax to understand their team, their clients and their goals for this engagement.
  2. Technical & EAT Audits – to set the foundation for a successful SEO future, we worked on a technical & EAT audit to identify any holes in the current structure of the site to address authority as well as general tech table-stakes. (For those who don’t eat, sleep, and dream about SEO like we do, EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It is an important ranking factor detailed by Google in their Search Quality Rater Guidelines.)
  3. Design SEO Audit – To complement the newly created content, we’ve also worked on optimizing the article templates on the blog. We highly recommend focusing on design elements that help improve the user experience and perceived authority of the blog. We find design elements like table of contents, author bios, and conversion banners a crucial part of design SEO.
  4. Analytics Set Up – We generally track 2 main metrics – keyword position & conversions from organic visits. We set up Google Analytics and keyword tracking software and plug them into an automated Data Studio Dashboard. This dashboard is updated every hour and becomes our single source of truth for metrics and analytics.
  5. Keyword Clusters & Content Research – we analyzed search patterns to recommend possible keywords with a focus on technical and regulation focused content that would be easier to rank for a new website. After keyword approval we organized these keywords / article pairs into topical content clusters and plan a 3 month content calendar.
  6. Publication & Optimization – Once content production begins, we regularly check back on older articles and optimize based on ranking changes. It’s crucial to review older content as these are often the easiest articles to bump to the first page.
  7. Linkbuilding – especially important for a new site, we ran tactical linkbuilding campaigns to increase linkflow to pages we want to rank as well as evergreen “link magnet” content pieces that continue to gather links to this day.

Some of the new features we’ve built for Armormax to help with indexability:

Optimized Blog

All of our blog templates include best practice features for SEO like:

  • FAQ section
  • Author bios
  • Table of contents ( with jump links )
  • Breadcrumbs for indexation
  • Schema markup
Example of one of our blog articles

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is an excellent way to take advantage of Google’s featured snippets by creating concise pages that answer specific questions.

Example of our index page, each question has its own URL and page.

We’ve been able to grow the knowledge base to 5,000 monthly visits just by answering common questions in the industry.